Has your School Caretaker or Site Manager been completely amazing this year?

Hands up those of you that couldn’t have coped these last months without the support of your dedicated Caretaker?

It’s that time of year again when we ask you to nominate your outstanding Site Staff and recognise them for all the amazing work they do.

They last weeks have been like nothing we have ever been through before – we want to hear about how you have managed through all this and how your site staff have helped and supported your schools through all this.

Rarely do they get any recognition – so show them how brilliant and important they are by nominating them for the National Awards this year!

It’s so simple – Download the form and tell us about them and the work they do!  Why do they stand out from the crowd?  send us some picutres – we love pictures – and tell us why they deserve to be recognised as the countries best.