Caretaker and Site Manager of the Year Awards 2019

The Winner of the National Caretaker of the Year 2019 award is:

Steve Green – from St Andrew’s School in Taunton

The nominations just kept coming for Mr Green!
We had nominations from parents of pupils who left the school 3 years ago…which is quite a legacy!
When asked to do a project on an inspirational person, most children chose celebrities but one year 4 student chose Mr Green. With no outdoor space he is alone responsible for the sporting success of the school and the forest school. Often found singing around the site his ability to engage with the whole school community is legendary. One parent said “he is the heart of the school and without him the school would be a very different place “. Always seen with a hammer and nails in his hand, he had been described as being able to unlock the potential of students and allow them to flourish in a way that goes beyond the classroom.


Stuart Atkinson –  Chiltern Way School

Mr Atkinson has spent 15 years at his school and has become a superb role model to vulnerable children relying on a fantastic school site to thrive. The broken window syndrome has particular affects in this school setting. His respect for the special features in the 300 year building is matched only by the respect he has gained from the students …..many of whom have severe behavioural difficulties.

Highly Commended

Russell Evans Wrockwardine Wood C of E Primary School

Mr Evans has recruited pupils to become his very own health and safety squad. His perceptive abilities to notice signs of distress or upset in the children and sort them out quietly and subtly has been hugely appreciated.

He makes educational toys to help children with fine motor problems. He is a fantastic friend to young and old.


Zak Morgan Montpelier Primary School in Plymouth

Mr Morgan has saved the school tens of thousands of pounds, his head teacher says knowing that he’s around allows him to sleep at night . He supports a very valued member of the school community – Sheldon the school tortoise! We had never heard of a site manager building a dog toilet for the school pooch but that’s what’s he’s done.

The Winner of the National Site Manager  of the Year 2019 award is:

Dave HarperArdley Hill Academy in Dunstable.

Mr Harper stood out for a number of reasons. Following a two week closure of the school due to flooding he managed the relocation of the entire school and then managed the reflooring and redecorating of a contaminated site ensuring it was open and ready for the start of the new school year.
OFSTED in their visits have been blown away by his attention to detail – one inspector commenting “ I’ve been doing this for 15 years and he is by far the best site agent I have come across”
He is like the mild mannered janitor of Hong Kong fooey, quietly going about every job thrown at him and then turning into a 70’s superhero
Described affectionately in the nomination as “irritatingly thorough”……When asked at a recent assembly who the most important person in the school the children said was Mr Harper!   “…The MAT is flabbergasted by what he achieves.”
The head teacher even states “I would resign if Dave left “


Andy OldhamSevern Vale School in Gloucester

Mr Oldham’s work now combines Site Management, IT management and leading the first aiders. During a recent annual-local authority H&S inspection the assessors struggled to find any items which needed following up and asked the school to cascade their processes to other schools as an example of his good practice. He doesn’t think he does anything remarkable ….but he absolutely does.

Highly Commended

Aaron AznarTemple Learning Academy in Leeds

His fast growing school has grown from just being a building site with 40 pupils and 8 staff to a refurbished site of 600 pupils and 90 staff in just 4 years. Many complex buildings issues had to be managed. The main contractors commented on how professional he was as did the fire risk assessors . Shipping pallets created resources for all students and he has single handedly brought in £20,000 per year in lettings income. He has proactively involved other site staff from across other school networks and the school has recognised his brilliance with a recent promotion.

The Winner of the Val Knight Award for National New School Caretaker of the year 2019:

Carl Alexandre – from Charing CE Primary School in Kent

The First recipient of this new award was a very worthy winner.

It can be quite daunting starting any new job but Mr Alexandre’s approach and professionalism raised the eyebrows of many and he was quickly promoted to caretaker across 2 sites. A trust took over the school in 2018 when this person started and the school has gone from strength to strength in that time and his role in that turnaround can not be underestimated. He shared the vision of the trust and made it a reality. A longstanding pilgrimage that passes through the school was put in jeooardy but he has managed to ensure it still takes place .