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Taking Care of your Caretaker has grown from an identified need to support the role of Caretakers Bursars and business managers when the extended schools agenda came into effect some years ago.

Our experience has shown us that this often overlooked role is nonetheless pivotal in schools and often under appreciated. Even a small investment in time and money can pay huge dividends in both motivating and training individuals.

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Our successful conferences and forums bring together Caretakers, expert speakers and suppliers and provide a network allowing resources to be shared and problems to be solved.

Through our working partnerships with Churchill and Babcocks we are also able to signpost and organise qualifications and training tailored to the Caretaker role often at no extra charge.

We have many years experience in managing change projects and the role of people in making change happen. We feel passionately about ensuring that people at all levels of an organisation are able to give of their best and their aspirations are met.

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