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Has your School Caretaker or Site Manager been completely amazing this year? Hands up those of you that couldn't have coped these last months without the support of your dedicated Caretaker? It's that time of year again when we ask you to nominate your outstanding Site Staff and recognise them for all the amazing work they do. They last weeks have been like nothing we have ever been through before - we want to hear about how you have managed through all this and how your site staff have helped and supported your schools through all this. Rarely do they get any recognition - so show them how brilliant and important they are by nominating them for the National Awards this year! It's so simple - Download the form and tell us about them and the work they do!  Why do they stand out from the crowd?  send us some picutres - we love pictures - and tell us why they deserve to be recognised as the countries best.

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Free Handwashing Workshops for Schools

We are delighted to be offering schools FREE Handwashing Workshops aimed at teaching young people really good hygiene habits so that schools have a fighting chance of staying healthy through the Flu season and beyond - Should we have to deal with Coronavirus! The workshops are tailored to the ages of the children participating to ensure they have fun whilst learning effective handwashing techniques and the reasons why it's so important. With concerns about Coronavirus in the news at the moment but also the time of year where bugs seem to everywhere, it's a great time to reinforce the messages about good handwashing and hygiene but also the need to maintain school bathroom facilities - ie making sure there's always soap available and loo rolls, hand gels  etc. Our trainer has years of experience in the food hygiene industry and is keen to help schools stay healthy and reduce their risks of infections spreading.  That is why we are able to offer these classes at NO COST. To book your free workshops please get in [...]

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Mr Green is National School Caretaker of the Year 2019

What a delight to see BBC Points West recognising the wonderful work of Mr Green Our School Caretaker of the Year 2019. He is a legend and a worthy winner. Such a great ambassador for school caretakers across the country. He is brilliant but he is not alone in working so hard to make our schools amazing places to be. We know hundreds of dedicated site staff up and down the country go above and beyond everyday for our schools and our children. That's why we set up the awards - to say a huge thank you from all of us to all of you!   Well done Mr Green!

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Ideas on how to Celebrate National School Caretaker Day

National School Caretaker Day is on the 19th March.  A day for all Schools to thank their Caretakers and Site Managers for all the hard work and effort they put in every day. As an employer, you have to ensure you make employees feel appreciated and valued in their workplace. There are lots of reasons for this. Most obviously, because it will make your employees enjoy coming into work, feel comfortable at work and allows them to produce their best work. There are so many things you can do to show you value you site staff be they a Caretaker, a Site Manager or a whole Premises Team, and best part is that it doesn’t have to cost lots, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Here are some great ways to show you appreciate your site team members. Leave a surprise Post-it Note This can be done by managers, teachers or even the school children themselves. If they notice something has been done for them – let them say a little [...]

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Caring for Caretakers at Christmas

What have you got your School Site Team this year? Christmas is coming and so are the demands on parents for collections for teacher’s presents or the annual efforts in coming up with something more original than a best Teacher Mug. How many mugs and boxes of chocolates do these people need? There’s a whole industry dedicated to Teacher-based gifts, the sheer number of ideas boggles the mind; quite what a grown adult would do with a Unicorn “Your work is magical” stamp is up for debate though. Don’t get me wrong, we are all extremely grateful to all our teachers for the hard work they do and they absolutely deserve every gift of thanks they get. However they are a cog in the vast and complicated machine that is a school. There is an unseen army of hugely dedicated and hard working professionals who are up with the dawn chorus to make sure that School machines are fired up every day and are working on all cyclinders even before any teacher arrives. They are [...]

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Val Knight - Caretaker of the Year 2016

It is with huge sadness that we have to say goodbye to the wonderful Val Knight, Caretaker at Stoke Park Schools and winner of the Caretaker of the Year award in 2016.

Val passed away on the 17th October – Her funeral is on the 16th November.

Val will be very much missed by all of us at the National Network of School Site Staff and all who knew her and worked with her.  Her diligence and hard work, her love for her the job and the school she worked in, will leave a huge whole in all of our hearts.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to her family at this very sad time.

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