National School Caretaker Day is on the 19th March. 

A day for all Schools to thank their Caretakers and Site Managers for all the hard work and effort they put in every day.

As an employer, you have to ensure you make employees feel appreciated and valued in their workplace. There are lots of reasons for this. Most obviously, because it will make your employees enjoy coming into work, feel comfortable at work and allows them to produce their best work.
There are so many things you can do to show you value you site staff be they a Caretaker, a Site Manager or a whole Premises Team, and best part is that it doesn’t have to cost lots, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Here are some great ways to show you appreciate your site team members.

Leave a surprise Post-it Note
This can be done by managers, teachers or even the school children themselves. If they notice something has been done for them – let them say a little thank you by leaving a post it note with a little message for the site team to find. These little gestures not only pleasantly surprise, but also show you value them and the work they do.
(This is also a great one for cleaners too!)

Public appreciation
Show your site teams some deserved PDA, Public Displays of Appreciation.
Celebrate them in a school assembly – or even at a staff meeting. A little note in the school newsletter about some great work they’ve done will highlight their efforts to the wider school community and show you also value hard and commitment.
Why not invite your Site Team to have lunch with the whole school – include them and make a fuss over them over a bite to eat.
Make your Site Staff team member a role model – Showing your whole school community that you respect and appreciate the hard work your Site Teams do raises their profile in the organisation and models to the Parents and Children that they are valued members of the school team.

Encourage growth
Investing in your team shows that you value them, while also showing that you want them with the you in the future. There are many great ways to do this. From paying for up-skilling courses or sending them to conferences. If you want to keep the growth internal, tell them that you want them to take on more responsibility and provide them the means to succeed within the role. Get them to train new team members or encourage them to mentor new staff at other schools nearby.

Treat them to membership of the NNoSSS – to show you care and that you’re investing in them. Also encourage them to engage in networking events to meet others in their line of work and share ideas and best practice.

Research regularly shows that employees who are recognised and appreciated are better engaged so perform better, are more productive and have better safety records.

Other Gestures of Appreciation

Caretaker mug

Get them a gift – a simple gesture of an “I’m a Caretaker – what’s your super power” mug can really show you care… Other similar gifts are available


Give them a Day off in term time – this is often something Site staff have to really fight for – School Holidays are often the busiest times for Site Staff so facilitating them have term time breaks is a great way to show them you value them.

Help them create a strategy “Plan B” for what happens if they’re off sick.
When site staff are off sick for short periods it’s rare that they are replaced so work with them to create a system that can take over to plug some of the gaps their absence may cause – this means the workload is slightly less on their return to work.

Get the kids to make them a crown

See what the kids come up with for their own tributes.. kids are endlessly creative and will come up with fantastic ways to show their thanks – ways that most of us adults could never dream up!

Nominate them for Caretaker or Site Manager of the year – nominations are now open!

Get them some volunteer support.
Go out to your wider school community and find some volunteers with skills that could really help out your site teams. Some schools already have works parties on a Saturday when parents and others help clear leaves or litter or cut back hedges etc.

Ask your local community for some help – they may just surprise you!

National School Caretaker Day is the ideal occasion to recognise your Site staff and encourage them to reach their potential.
But… you don’t have to wait for that one day to show your appreciation. Do random acts of appreciation throughout the year and see your Site Staff flourish!