National School Caretaker Day is on the 19th March. 

It’s a day to thank our School Site Staff for all their hard work in keeping our Schools Safe, clean and happy places in which  to work and learn.

We’ve created this day to help strengthen the bonds between school communities and their site staff.  Across the country there are countless Caretakers and Site Managers working extremely hard to make sure schools meet the rigorous standards of Health and Safety compliance, that they are well maintained and tidy environments that are also clean, hygienic and safe.

All this work goes on behind the scenes of the normal school day but is just as essential to the running of a school as excellent teaching.

National School Caretaker Day is a chance to recognise their work and celebrate those individuals who contribute so much to the welfare of the nation’s children and young people.

Ideas for ways to celebrate National Caretaker Day

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