PAT Testing

PAT Testing


Portable Appliance Testing is a necessary part of any health and safety regime as any commercial electrical appliance needs testing.

This is a costly exercise for schools and so we’ve arranged some training that will provide a certificate to your caretaker enabling them to PAT test as needed. Prior electrical knowledge is not required. Members of Taking Care of Your Caretaker can also take advantage of the Members Discount on PAT Testing Kits.

Course Objectives:

  • To enable delegates to safely undertake the practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  • To understand the legal requirements for maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • To be able, through inspection, to identify the different types, and classifications of electrical equipment.
  • To be able to identify the suitability of electrical equipment for use.
  • To understand of the in-service tests carried out on different types and classes of equipment.
  • To be able to complete an inspection and test record relating to electrical equipment.
  • To be able to select suitable frequencies of maintenance.
  • To understand the requirements for record keeping.

For Course dates please see the Training Diary

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