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Closing over the Holidays


Schools will be preparing to close down their sites over the Christmas holidays so we though it would be a good idea to give you a starting point for a checklist to help you make sure your close down proceedure is compliant and thorough and saves you all a bit of time. So our colleagues at IAM compliant have this list that we felt may be helpful.

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Using too much toilet roll?


A top tip we came across this week was a really simple way to help cut the over use of Toilet paper.

Paul, the Caretaker at Flax Bourton Primary, suggested making and simple laminated sign saying “Toilet roll to here —>” and sticking it underneath the toilet roll holder at a distance that allows for a sensible amount of toilet roll to be dispensed. This would then give a guideline to users of how much toilet roll to take.

Simple yet effective!

Recycling Remedy


The innovative Caretaker at St Werburghs Nursery has recently discovered an external recycling opportunity for a mere £6 per week that lets him put all his recyclables in one cage that is picked up regularly. He feels the service is excellent and saving him masses of time and effort that everyone finds so frustrating about waste management!

The provider he has found is Collecteco (formerly Community Waste)




Check out similar providers in your area!

For more information on Collecteco

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Trim the Waste


Ever wondered how you can reduce the number of bins you need? At £11 per bin per collection every bit of space you save is saving your school money.  The lovely team at Aston Park School have suggested a great way to save bin space and therefore cash with a fabulous solution in the shape of a Bin Compactor.

PEL Recycling Equipment have a number of compactors that pack down your rubbish in your bins to about a third it’s original volume – thereby reducing your bin need by a third.

If it seems like a large initial investment, the Aston Park team are delighted with theirs and say that it has paid for itself in less than 18 months.

Pel Waste Reduction Equipment

Send us any other handy hints and tips that you come across and we’ll share them here for you or do so yourself on the online forum.

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