Share Hub

Share Hub


The SHARE HUB is a resource for Members of TCYCT to share or hire equipment, advertise their skills for hire or borrow, and post any items they want to sell to similar organisations. Non Members are also welcome to use this resource but will incur a charge of £25.

The purpose of this site is to advertise on behalf of the seller but the transaction is solely between to seller and the buyer. This is a resource for our community of Site Staff and items and services are offered in the spirit of helping the community as a whole.

If you are interested in any of the listings below simply Email us with the box number and your details and we will put you in touch with the advertiser.

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Term and Conditions

    • The share hub is for members of TCYCT though non members can use the service for a fee of £25.
    • TCYCT are soley introducers and facilitators of the Share Hub.
    • Arrangements for buying, selling, hiring, borrowing any item, piece of equipment or skill are to made between the schools/ organisations involved.
    • The hirer / borrrower / buyer is required to collect and return unless arrangements are made otherwise.
    • Items must be returned in the same condition as when hired or borrowed and any breakages must be paid for at a rate reasonably agreed between the parties. The hirer or lender should check the condition of equipment prior to and after loan/ hire period.
    • Schools / organisations are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate training is in place to use borrowed/ hired or bought equipment.
    • Items are sold as seen.
    • Schools / organisations  are responsible to ensure that caretakers /site managers with skills they are sharing hold the appropriate qualifications and level of expertise.

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