2019 Site Staff Awards

At a time when budgets are tightening for schools it’s even more important to recognise the contribution of key members of staff.

We know that Business Managers rely on a good Caretaker or Site Manager to relieve the pressure on managing the school environment. Here is your chance to show your appreciation for your site staff!

There are 3 categories this year:

  • The National Caretaker of the Year Award 2019
  • The National Site Manager of the Year Award 2019
  • The Val Knight Award for New School Caretaker of the Year Award 2019 – for caretaker new to their post: in the role 18 months or less)

We are looking for those AMAZING Site Staff who go above and beyond their job role, who take pride and pleasure in their work and who will always help out where they can.

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Caretaker and Site Manager of the Year Awards 2018

The Winner of the National Caretaker of the Year 2018 award is:

Paul Ferris – from Walsh Junior School in Surrey

He has a very committed fan base at their school – who mobilised like nothing we have ever seen –

“Carlsberg don’t make site managers but if they did they would have made him”

–  he is at least as effective as an outstanding teacher with 20 years experience!

“He is far more than a caretaker at the school, in my opinion he really is the heart of it”

Runner-up –

Steve Haines –  Ashley Infants new Milton

This nomination came in with some wonderful photographs of the some amazing resources that this person has created.

He has been instrumental in transforming the indoor and outdoor learning spaces into bright, inviting and well-equipped places that the children love.

Highly Commended –

Bill worbhoys – South Green infants in Essex

The Schools nomination claims…

Without him we would be lost

Parent –“ he is outstanding and helps make the school the welcoming, supportive, fun place that it is.”

A child said

He can do anything and everything and he looks after us and our school

He is a brilliant role model to our children. A fab inspiriation to our Children He has an amazing relationship with our autistic pupils, often getting them to conform when nobody else can!

The call him “Fix it Bill!”

The Winner of the National Site Manager  of the Year 2018 award is:

Matt Daley – Kensington Alldridge Academy in London.

This year’s winner is quite remarkable and the nomination stood out for the panel in terms of the sheer level of resilience needed in a set of highly exceptional circumstances . The school has achieved amazing results in spite of huge difficulties it and its community found itself in and the school stated on their nomination form that their outstanding ofsted report received very late in 2017 would not have been possible without their site manager

His School was forced to close and He and his team relocated all the pupils not once but twice!! – and he was instrumental in the huge 12 week project that  saw a whole new temporary school planned and built  – in fact this is now known as the fastest school ever built – it only took 9 weeks.

The school is at the foot of the Grenfel Tower – and we are all aware of the tradegy that occurred there back in June 2017.

All this amazing work took place in the  shadow of Grenfell Tower before it was wrapped, a psychologically draining task for any member of the community

This Site Manager then supported the therapy team through an extensive series of reorientation visits to acclimatize the  staff and students to the original school building before the proposed return in September 2018.

The time and care that went into preparing the school, welcoming environment for students who may have been emotional affected by the return to the building was done brilliantly, with over 90% of students voting to return to the original site for September 2018 – what an amazing achievement!

Runner-up –

Glenn Belcher – Mereworth Primary School , Kent

Described as the Lynchpin of of the school,  for the children he represents a working demonstration of the 5 core school values of Honesty, Teamwork, Responsibility, Perseverance and Respect.

Steve Hawkins – Coney Hill Gloucestershire

For this man – the site Manager stuff seems just the tip of the iceburg in terms of his role at the school.

He has such a positive effect on behaviour and is  an excellent role model for the boys in school as a mentor and nurturing figure that they often go to.

Highly Commended –
Rob Price –
All Saints C of E West Bromwich

Not only is this man fantastic at his Site manager job he is  an ace baker – winning the school bake off – and an amazing Golf coach –   an ex – pro golfer this schools golf club is understandably extremely popular.

Judging Criteria


  • They excellently and proactively perform all aspects of the Job.
  • They have identified and contributed towards cost savings at the school.
  • They are Health and Safety Champions at the school.
  • They look for opportunities to engage with other site staff.
  • They manage the Caretaking staff effectively (if Line Managers).
  • They take advantage of opportunities to develop their skills and qualifications.
  • They are actively involved in and add value to school life.
  • They show a sense of community spirit by supporting lettings and other community events.
  • They help create a warm, good humoured and welcoming environment for the whole school community.
  • They are appreciated by parents and the children.

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