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Caretakers Awards

Caretaker and Site Manager of the Year Awards 2017

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The Winner of the National Caretaker of the Year 2017 award is:

Rys Jankowski  – from Parson Street Primary school, Bristol

He has gone beyond his role at school and championed other causes within the wider community  – he must be one the country’s Greenest Caretakers.

He seems to be very much ahead of the game including setting up a link to the Probation service community payback scheme, which has achieved wonders thanks to his meticulous planning.

Runner-up –

Paul Docherty  – from Styal Primary School, Wilmslow, Cheshire

No one has to ask him to do anything – he just notices and takes it upon himself to make things better.  From fixing the children’s bikes to hunting down a fork for a tired colleague.  And all apparently with a whistle and a smile. He is described by his head teacher as the back bone of the school.

Highly Commended –

Ann Chalders – from Beeston Hill St Luke’s C of E Primary, Leeds

Ann treats the school building as if it’s their own home.    The school has an “extra mile” book which celebrates people who go above and beyond the call of duty –she is mentioned more often than any other person. She is also the only female member of their very competitive staff football team.

The Winner of the National Site Manager  of the Year 2017 award is:

Brian Slattery – St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Sollihul

His nomination used a phrase from that famous Karlsberg advert – “He’s probably the best site Manager in the world!”

Despite the school’s setting in a very deprived 1960’s housing estate the school has gained awards for their school grounds, the schools says that it is wonderful that our children can experience such an inspirational environment.

Saving thousands and thousands of pounds in contractor fees is the norm for this man in every area of the school.

He is the Secret Santa coordinator… He is the money collector for staff presents. He is the changer of staff wheels in the car park …He is the pusher of staff cars … He is often to be found accompanying school trips and knows all about The Romans, The Coventry Blitz and many a zoo… He is both the dead pigeon and the fox poo coordinator and often comments, he has a very full job description! We hear he even has an excellent singing voice duetting with other staff members when ever possible.

There are some people who just add so much value to the soul of a school.  He is one of these people. His contribution to school life has been immense.

Runner-up –

John Ryan – Newman Special School, Rotherham

This is a site Manager who has to work harder that most just to keep their Grade 2 listed Building fit for purpose for a school with a large majority of pupils with complex special educational needs.

Tackling moss and leaves on uneven paths is a daily challenge to keep wheelchair users safe.  Premises walkabouts always take longer than planned as many young people stop and talk to him  – he knows their favourite football teams, asks about their home life and despite communication barriers understands their jokes, comments and questions.

He appears in leavers videos always willing to dress up, DANCE and do whatever is needed to make the children smil.

Highly Commended –

Paul Clayton – Riverside School, Hebden Bridge near Halifax.

Paul’s role has grown tremendously in the last 18 months and even prior to the flood sirens sounding on Boxing day he was to be found in the school cellars bailing out water at 5 in the morning.

In addition to this he has sourced grants from the local authority and pursued local businesses for donations to the schools to help with the renovations. He is mentor to other neighbouring site managers with a wicked sense of humour – we here he can cajole unresponsive children into helping out, his work ethic is second to none and they wouldn’t be the same school without him.

Judging Criteria


  • They excellently and proactively perform all aspects of the Job.
  • They have identified and contributed towards cost savings at the school.
  • They are Health and Safety Champions at the school.
  • They look for opportunities to engage with other site staff.
  • They manage the Caretaking staff effectively (if Line Managers).
  • They take advantage of opportunities to develop their skills and qualifications.
  • They are actively involved in and add value to school life.
  • They show a sense of community spirit by supporting lettings and other community events.
  • They help create a warm, good humoured and welcoming environment for the whole school community.
  • They are appreciated by parents and the children.

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