Local Forums

What Local Forums are


The local Forums are informal meetings of Caretaker and Site Managers and other invited guests, where issues, information, and resources can be shared over tea and a bacon butty.

“The Caretakers’ Forum provides a unique opportunity for mutual support from colleagues; access to relevant and useful training; up to date information on locality and city-wide initiatives and an opportunity to share good practice in a well organised but relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I would urge all headteachers to encourage their caretakers to get involved”

Lawrance Pitt, Headteacher Brunel Fields School

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The main benefits are


Like any other member of the school team, our caretakers deserve support and training in order to feel valued and so they can give their best to the job.

  • Networking with other Caretakers and Site Managers  – this opens doors and spreads informal tips and information.
  • It’s a great platform to be able to have a moan and feel listened to.
  • When you are team of 1 you don’t get this in the workplace usually. It’s not like being able to chat round the water cooler or have a moan in the staff room like most people take for granted.
  • Sharing information and problems is a normal part of working in a good practice environment and Caretakers and Site Managers need that too.
  • Problems can be identified that are affecting a number of schools – members can then act as one rather than lots of individuals, making resolutions in a far more effective and efficient way.
  • By networking with other Caretakers, resources and skills can be shared, helping to keep costs to schools low.
  • Caretakers and Site Managers no longer feel so isolated and feel they now have a support network they can rely on and trust.
  • Members see the benefits of extra training that others have completed and can be inspired to take up training  and self development opportunities for themselves.

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