Heather Tomlinson

Exec Director, Children’s Services, Brighton and Hove

“Schools cannot be the effective learning places they need to be without a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment- this role usually lies in the hands of the school caretaker or site manager. We MUST invest in them!”

Jason Holloway

Site Manager 

“I always know that if I have a problem whether it’s a maintenance issue or some advice on a particular supplier I can always call upon someone from the forum as we are now more linked up and always calling on each other for advice.

It is great that we have this support in place.

Without the forum I do not think I would have the confidence I have now and I owe a great deal to the Bristol Caretaker/Site Managers form.”

Lisa Jones

Business Manager with a team of 3 Caretakers.

“Being a Caretaker is a demanding job, there are lots of different skills that they need to have from plumbing, electrics through to tree surgery and toy maintenance. They are also on call. They deserve to be invested in.”

Stephen Hopkins

Bristol City Council

“The Forum has given a voice to Bristol Caretakers. The council now listen to them as a group and sit up and take notice!”

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